7 Point Check

The SPM 7 Point Tenants Check List

At Strano Property Management (SPM) we always are putting the customer first. Real Estate is a gigantic investment, and we want to make sure we are tending to your property the way you would. Ensuring to keep the value of the home and make it desirable for high quality tenants. That is the reason we have developed the 7 Points Tenants Check list – (All inclusive) with a onetime fee.

  1. Credit check
  2. Background Check
  3. Landlord Reference Check
  4. Guarantor
  5. Quarterly Inspection check (Fire Alarm, and complete household inspection)
  6. Move in and move out inspection check*
  7. Emergency Solutions*

We make it our job to ensure we are only attaining the best quality tenants . The 7 point check system gives us the advantage to make sure that happens.  Our goal is to make the tenants stay desirable. As well the Landlords feel comfortable with the people leasing their property. That way everyone is a winner!

Tenants – We want to keep all tenants coming back to Strano property. How we do this? We only represent the top quality rental owners in the city. Our goal is to keep our tenants just as happy as our landlords, ensuring that they or their closest friends and relatives will be repeat customers. Parents can rest assured that we only allow their children to live in top quality housing, and not just any student gehetto rental.

*Points 6 and 7 are available to our owners that choose our 24-7 emergency response service.